The second part of the Danube School Series 2017 in Budapest in July 2017 was a very successful and inspiring continuation of the Spring School in Novi Sad. The great and very experienced team of the Andrássy Universität Budapest has organized diverse high-quality lectures and workshops in the dignified rooms of the University. In addition to the presentations of professors and academic lecturers, all 25 participants had to give short presentations in German Language about certain topics.

Main theme of the Summer School was “Der Donauraum im Fokus – Grenzen und Identitäten” (Focusing on the Danube Region – boundaries and identities), central topics were e.g. border demarcations and identities, challenges of globalization, border regimes, economic interconnections, mobility and migration as well as  transnational cooperation within the Danube Region.

The academic program was supplemented by visits to the Memento Park and excursions to Szentendre and the Old Jewish Quarter of Budapest. One highlight of the program was as well the Workshop Day on Thursday, 27.7., when the Young Citizens Danube Network (YCDN) offered the simulation game workshop “CHROMA – Change Makers for the Right of Minorities in Avaria”.

Members of the organisation teams in Novi Sad (Aleksandar M. Gajić and Marko Marković) and Ulm (Tanja Reißer and Paul F. Langer) also passed by and gave some workshops and lectures and encouraged the participants to apply for the last Summer School in Ulm.

Veranstaltungsbeschreibung (pdf)

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