The International Danube School Series

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  • Danube Summer School 2017

    Danube Summer School 2017

  • Danube Winter School 2017

    Danube Winter School 2017

  • Danube Summer School 2016

    Danube Summer School 2016

  • Danube Winter School 2016

    Danube Winter School 2016

  • Danube Summer School 2015

    Danube Summer School 2015

  • Danube Summer School 2014

    Danube Summer School 2014

The Danube Schools are part of a greater connection of networks and partnerships within the Danube Region. They are a result of the work of several institutions, associations and active individuals. Since the European Commission adopted the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) in 2010, there has been a growing demand for individuals who understand this complex region as well as the structures of the EU and other international and national institutions. As the EUSDR was implemented to create synergies and coordination between existing policies and initiatives taking place across the Danube Region, there is a great demand of exchange of perspectives, knowledge and opinions through networking, open discussions, and expertise.

Since 2014, several Danube Schools have been organized as short term study programs by the European Danube Academy in cooperation with universities and institutions from the Danube Region. All summer schools are separate units, but strongly connected through topics, aims, backgrounds – as well as through people and project ideas. Since its start in 2014, the Danube School Series has become a well-established and respected platform of exchange and debate among political decision makers, academics, and students. Results and thoughts have been documented in several publications in the Danube Book Series of the European Danube Academy. Each Danube School is also a project development workshop. Small working groups with participants of different backgrounds develop feasible projects that help to foster cooperation and support the unfolding of the region’s economic potential.

In 2017, three Danube Schools will take place, one Spring School in Novi Sad, one Summer School in Budapest and one late Summer School in Ulm. In each Danube School participants from different countries learn and discuss about facts, challenges, and projects of the Danube Region. All three summer schools 2017 are cohesive independent schools, but strongly connected and also build upon each other.


The Danube School Series 2017 is funded by


Partner Universities and Institutions of the Danube Schools 2017


Fifth Day

The fifth day and first day in Ulm, was dedicated to the political and economic challenges of the Danube Region and the potential further cooperation between Germany and other Danube Region Countries. The day was held at the City Hall of Ulm, in the historic…

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Photos of the Danube Summer School 2015 online

We have now made a selection of photos of the Danube Summer Sch00l 2015 and created a web-galerie. Please have a look. If you need further Photos or want photos to be removed please contact please click here to get to the photo galerie…

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Forth Day

The third program day was also the last day at the Vöhlin Castle Seminar Centre. Prof. (em.) Dr. Scholz gave a module on SME-Management and Project Planing. The project seminar combined classical training with work on real world projects. Starting point was a complex problem…

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Third Day

The third day was planed and realized by the team Danube Area Research Centre (DAReC) that was initiated after the Danube Summer Schiool 2014 in Novi Sad to organise among other projects also a Danube Winter School/Danube International Seminar in Serbia. DAReC “is a non-profit…

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Second Day

The second day was the first seminar day with some interesting inputs and first discussions and a closer getting together. In the morning of the first lecture day, the participants were first shown around by Mr Martin, the Director of the Vöhlin University Castle to…

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First Day

The Summer School has started smoothly. Most participants gathered at 4 pm at the main station on Ulm and were then brought to Illertissen, where they mingeled and were served dinner. The mood was great, the weather fine and participants and lecturers were looking forward…

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Latest Program Brochure published

We are happy to have finalised the preparation of this years Summer School. On Sunday, the participants will arrive and be transferred to the Hotel am Schloss in Illertissen, where they stay until Wednesday. From then onwards, we will continue in Ulm. Please see the…

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Article in the Südwestpresse Ulm

The by far largest Newspaper in the Region around Ulm has pubished once again an article on the Danube Summer School series and this years Summer School in particular. Please follow this link (article in German) Share This:

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DSS2015 Draft Program

DSS2015 Draft Program

Dear Friends of the Danube Summer School 2015, we are pleased to present you our first Draft Program. As you see we have incorporated many international academics and experts on the agenda. This helps to further strengthen the international orientation as well as to give…

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Publication on the Danube Summer School 2014

Publication on the Danube Summer School 2014

We are pleased to announce that the publication on the Danube Summer School 2014 is now available in the book stores. The publication documents the Danube Summer School 2014. The contributions of participants and speakers make clear that the Danube has to be perceived as…

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