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The Danube School Series is the result of the work of several institutions, associations and engaged individuals. Since the European Commission adopted the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) in 2010, there has been a growing demand for individuals who understand this complex region as well as the structures of the EU and other international and national institutions. The EUSDR was implemented to create synergies and coordination between existing policies and initiatives taking place across the Danube Region. The apparent lack of qualified danube experts however obstruct such aims.

Since the other macro region of the EU the Baltic Sea Region had its own postgraduate study program to bring up young experts for the Baltic Region, it suggested itself that the Danube Region with its heterogeneous portfolio of countries, cultures and structures needed its own program to educate young people to understand and shape their home region, too.

Since 2012 the European Danube Academy has worked with partners such as the University of Ruse – in particular its BRIE-Institut (Bulgarian-Romanian Inter University Europe Center), the University of NoviSad, the University of Applied Sciences New-Ulm and others on the creation of such postgraduate program. One feature of this study program was the Danube Summer School, which was planned to take place every year in Ulm/New-Ulm, Germany. All students of the Danube Master Program will take part in the summer school as well as other students who are interested in Danube related issues.


The Danube School Series relies on a network of partner institutions consisting mostly of universities of the Danube Region. All cooperation partners help in regards to the organization, the academic concept and moreover they contribute speakers and have the possibility to develop their own workshop. Major partners are:

For the implementation of the Danube School Series, the EDA relies on private and public institutions that support the event financially. We are constantly looking for sponsors and partners for the Danube School Series.

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