Information on the Danube Summer School 2015

This year’s summer school will be the second Danube Summer School in Ulm/Neu Ulm, Germany. We are currently laying out the program. Similar to last year will be the venues (Vöhlin Castle, City Hall Ulm) and the structure and the time (Sep 27 – Oct 2). We will however include more international lecturers and high level political decision makers from the Danube Region. It will be open for applicants from all over the Danube Region.

The Danube Summer School  is a short term study program for postgraduate students and young professionals, who learn and discuss about facts, challenges and projects of the Danube Region. It is organised by the European Danube Academy in cooperation with several Universities of the Danube Region and takes place in Ulm and Neu-Ulm. About 25 participants meet for one week to discuss with academics and decision makers what happens in the Danube region and how to shape it for the better. The program as well as accommodation and catering is free of charge.


For non-german participants, the European Danube Academy will cover the accommodation and catering during the Summer School.

The requirements to the program are: 

  • Strong interest in the Danube Region’s politics, economy, culture and history.
  • Between 20 and 30 years old
  • Postgraduate student, student in the last years of the undergraduate studies or recent graduate
  • Fluent in English


Lectures and Assignment
Lectures, workshops and speakers are selected to give a comprehensive insight into the challenges and chances of the Danube Region. The participants have been selected among many applicants due to their outstanding educational background and achievements. In order to make sure that their expertise is used appropriately and contributes to the success of the Summer School, they are encouraged to prepare a presentation on relevant Danube related issues, which will be presented on Friday October 2nd.


Sunday, September 27th – Welcoming
16:00: Arrival at Ulm Hbf (main station)
17:00: Transfer to Illertissen. Afterwards check in at “Hotel am Schloss”
18:00: Dinner and introduction to people, organisation etc. at “Hotel am Schloss”

Monday, September 28th – Identity and Project Funding
9:00: Tour through the Vöhlin Castle by Mr. Werner Martin, Director of the Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre of Bavarian-Swabian Universities of Applied Sciences
10:00: Prof. Dr. Jens U. Pätzmann and Mr. Frolrian Botzenhardt, HS Neu-Ulm on Branding
13:30: Lunch Break (Vöhlin Castle)
14:30: Marlene Hahn, Lecturer at the University of Krems, EU Funding Schemes in the Danube Region
(Bacchus-Hall, Vöhlin Castle)

Tuesday, September 29th – DAReC Day
9:00: Aleksandar M. Gajić, Director DAReC “Introduction to DAReC”
9:30: Prof. Dr. Boris Stojkovski, University of Novi Sad “Nobility in medieval Southern Hungary”
10:45: Sonja Leković, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics, “State of e-commerce development in Danube region countries”
11:30: Miroslav Pavlović, University of Novi Sad “The Danube Defence Line and the 18th Century Ottoman Periphery between the Civil Society and Increasing Militarization”
13:00: Lunch Break (Vöhlin Castle)
14:00: Prof. Dr. Mirko Savić, University of Novi Sad “Demographics, Migration and Brain Drain in the Danube Region”
15:30: Slađana Stojanović and Delia Bosiok, University of Novi Sad, Ms. Dorothea Stepan, Bakk. phil., University of Krems, “Master of Danube Studies”
17:00: Intercultural Activities

Wednesday, September 30th – Innovative Business Concepts
9:00: Prof. Dr. Hans-Gunther Scholz (em), “Practical management in Small Enterprises”
13:00: Lunch Break (Vöhlin Castle)
14:00: Dr. Judit Schrick, Ministry of Finance and Economics of Baden-Württemberg “The INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme”
15:00: Handing over of certificates by Mr. Martin, Director of the Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre and Prof. Gerhard Mayer
16:30: Transfer to Ulm

Thursday, October 1st – Politics and Economics
(Venue I City Hall Ulm – “Großer Sitzungssaal”)
9:00: Welcoming by Ivo Gönner, Lord Mayor of Ulm and President of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions
9:30: Mr. Branislav Bugarski, Secretary for Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government of the Vojvodina
10:30: Panel Discussion with
– Mr. Martin Rivior, SPD MP Baden-Württemberg
– Mr. Jürgen Filius, Greens MP Baden-Württemberg
– Dr. Thomas Kienle, CDU
– Lecturers and participants of the DSS 2015

Friday, October 2nd – Presentations and Farewell
9:00: Presentations of Assignments (Haus der Donau)
12:00: Final Discussion and Evaluation (Haus der Donau)
13:00: Farewell Lunch

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Venues (among others):

Ulrich Wagner - AugsburgerbAllgemeine
The Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre (Source: Ulrich Wagner, Augsburger Allgemeine)

The City Hall Ulm